This is CHIP. 
( Careful Hearing  Intelligent Prototype)
Don't you love hearing all the sounds? Open your window and listen to the birds singing and the wind blowing, laugh at a baby's giggle, share a whispered secret with your best friend, or tap your foot to your favorite songs playing on the radio. 
Let's explore and discover all about your ears and how to take care of your hearing. We want you to be able to hear all the world's wonderful sounds for years to come!
Come visit us and meet CHIP. He's our friendly humanoid and he measures sound. Did you know that your IPOD or MP3 player can damage your hearing? Chip can tell you if you're listening to your music player too loudly. Remember, we want you to hear that music for many years.
You can meet CHIP at one of our Children's Health Fairs or come by the office. We'd be happy to introduce you. Be sure to bring along your music player!
Check back here to see when CHIP and the Risky Ears                 program will be  in your area.