Interpreting -
Interpreting services are available to our Deaf clients and the community.

Advocacy -
Providing awareness of the rights for Dear and Hard of Hearing citizens and to assist them in making reasonable accommodations 

Information & Referral -
We have available a variety of information that clients may not have access to otherwise. We also try to keep a good network with other agencies so we can refer our clients.

Pamphlets & Information -
Our offices maintain catalogs and pamphlets with a variety of helpful information for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons.

Sign Language Classes -
Weekly classes are available for people to learn the language of the Deaf. This helps in community awareness, enlightens a person to be able to communicate with the Deaf and to better understand their culture.

Social Group Services -
We offer planned socials, picnics, and group gatherings for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. We also provide information on emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, etc.

FTRI Phone Program -
Do you have trouble hearing over the phone? Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. provides specialized telephone equipment at NO COST to Floridians with hearing loss or speech disabilities.

Meeting Room -
Our Crystal River office had a meeting room available for educational workshops and community outreach programs.  (Meeting Hall can hold up to 30 people)

**Sorenson Video available at our Crystal River location

Also available -
Programs in obtaining hearing aids, assistance in hearing screenings, and repair of hearing aids and other assistive devices

Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services